78 rpm Miscellaneous Record Labels
Just a collection of interesting labels that really don't fit in with the rest ...
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Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 15, 2010

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see.  Thanks.


These two images to the left are the same record.  There is no company name, just the information about the songs themselves.  The only potential identifying mark of who produced this are the matrix numbers, AHF-22 for side 1 and AHF-21 for side 2.  Any idea who made this?  Timeframe is likely late 40's.
Here are a couple custom pressings made by Columbia.  With the Bridgeport, CT plant nearby it was probably easy for these local acts to make a record.  The two examples here are the Trinity Choristers of Southport, CT from 1944 and the Stratford Band from 1951.
Saint Peter's Choir.  Philadelphia.  Date unknown.  Recorded by Robinson Recording Labs, Philadelphia
To the left is a 6.5" flexible record showing both sides and the mailing envelope it came in.  This was a service of Pepsi-Cola during World War II to record messages from soldiers and send them home to their families.  The side with the message reads "Dear Friend: Just this minute completed recording the voice of your man in service.  You will be happy to know that he is thinking of you and greatly enjoyed sending you this personal message.  It gives us great pleasure to send you this record with our compliments.  Cordially, Pepsi-Cola."  The flip side is not recorded but shows 3 Pepsi-Cola centers in the U.S.
The record and picture to the left are from a two record album of christmas songs by the Stamford High School Choir (Connecticut).  Date is likely 1951.  This was from my mother's records as she graduated from Stamford High.  The picture is from the front cover of the album.  The inside of the album also gives a bio on the choir and the conductor.  The records are manufactured by Columbia Records.  However, you can see on the record that they were recorded by Ficker Recording Service in Old Greenwich, Conn.
American Bird Songs.  This comes from a 6 record album of bird songs.  It states on the label "Recorded by the Albert R. Brand Bird Song Foundation Laboratory of Ornithology Cornell University."  I do not know the date.  Based on the matrix number it looks like it was pressed by Columbia.
The three images below are quite interesting and something I hadn't come across before.  This is a 12" record in a gatefold sleeve promoting a novel by Louise A. Stinetorf, "White Witch Doctor."  It's a one sided record with an excerpt from the book.  To the left is the front cover of the album, then the inside of the front cover describing the book and then the record label.  The book was published July 17, 1950.  In 1953 it became a movie starring Susan Hayward and Robert Mitchum.  This must have been some promotional item for stores.  Anyone have any details on who these records would have been given to?
Farewell Message of King Edward VIII.  Friday December 11, 1936.  I've seen this speech on a few different labels.  This one lists Kugel Advertising Service, Inc. New York on the label. 
This was a neat find.  I can't read the writing but it's a commemorative record for the 1952 Oslo Winter Olypics. 
King Edward VIII Farewell Message from December 11, 1936.  I've seen this on several different labels.  This one is being from Kugel Advertising Service, Inc. New York.
Inernational College of Languages.  This was a Columbia pressed foreign language series.  In this case it's Spanish.  Date on this particular record is between 1914-1917.