78 rpm Record Labels - Rex to Ry
Rex Record.  1914-1917.  Rex Talking Machine Corporation, Philadelphia, PA.  This is a vertical cut brand and Rex pressed for many other client labels including, among many others, Empire, Mozart and Rishell.  Rex was the successor to Keen-O-Phone and was succeeded by Imperial Talking Machine Company.
Rex.  This is a UK label and unaffiliated with the vertical brand above.
Rhapsody Records.  Hollywood, CA.  Has a copyright date of 1946 on the record but don't know full range of dates for this label.

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 14, 2010.

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Rich-R'-Tone Records, Johnson City, Tennessee.  This label was established in 1946 and still exists today (www.richrtone.com).  They proclaim they are the "Oldest Bluegrass Record Label" although they called it Hillbilly music on their early records.  This particular record is by Shorty Morris.
Rich-Tone.  1921-22.  Manufactured by Starr Piano for the Phonograph Record Exchange Co. of America.
Robin Hood Records.  1950s.  This comes from a 4 record boxed set of 7" records.  This particular one is called A Day of Fun at the Circus.
Romeo.  1926-1938.  A dime store brand in the Cameo line eventually absorbed by American Record Corporation.
Rosicrucian Record.  San Jose, CA.  Date ??.
Roulette.  Roulette Records.  New York, NY.  Late 1950s.
Royal Roost.  Roost Records.  1950s.
Rishell.  Rishell Phonograph Co.  Williamsport, PA. 1917-18.  This is a vertical cut disc.  The sample on the left is a 12" record.  I haven't determined the origin of the pressing yet.  The one on the right is a 10" pressed by Rex Talking Machine Company.  Rishell produced phonographs as well and was part of the J.K. Rishel Furniture Company.
Roller Glide Records.  Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts.  Don't know date range of this or anything else about the label.
John Ryan Record. Party record label.  According to David Diehl this is from 1940 and these are recordings repressed from the Varsity label, which was the U.S. Record Corporation.
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